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Rhythmic Ray '07


Rhythmic Ray '07



This film is made with a sense that lay out the Image of Light and Shadow in time axis.Their materials are small object close to me(screw,bolt,ruler,wire,fallen leaves,carcass of insects,beads,chain,brush,etc.)and snapshot collected,simple graphic symbols(dot,line,circle,plane surface)and iconize graphics,found footage,etc.Those images are made copy on movie film by direct printing.This work process apply to photomontage and collage.I search for how to make a
film from the technique of photographic and painting art.The fragment of memory of daily life and the image that automatic accumulated from the sense of sight,the feeling as if the shape of Light and Shadow projected with the brain, such images of memory are visually represented in this film.a part of graphic works : Hiroshi Takeda