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A FOUND BEACH -omnibus-

surface HD/color/sound/11min.

re-girl-flash HD/color/sound/6min.

a found beach HD/color/silent/3min 11sec..

A FOUND BEACH -omnibus-




2011年に制作した「a found beach」を起点に、ぞれぞれ別の手法を用いた、「surface」、「re-girl-flash」の短編3作をまとめたオムニバス作品である。

a memory of beach in somewhere.
a memory of someone who was in there.
a memory of someone who sent it.
a memory of someone who got it.

spinning fragments of memory that was packed in each old post cards.

Actually "A FOUND BEACH -omnibus-" has no dialog and subtitle.
This film is made with just image and sound.
The images are used from old postcards that I have collected at like antique market in Europe.

This film is a consideration about the recorded image on the paper media and the photography.
I'm particularly interested in the memory that have been put on the old postcard.
All most of these postcards were sold at somewhere souvenir shop in somewhere resort in the past.
Maybe I think that persons who appear on those old postcards haven't realized that they were taken picture.
And you cannot know when were those photos taken, who did take it.

But you can get the old postcard now, sometimes the used postcard as well.
And you can take various memories (on those postcards) in your hand over the years.
It is a feature of the paper media and the photography, I think.
Because, those memories keep existence as a material with visual image.

I got this idea from the news of 311 the Japan Earthquake 2011.
It reported that massive photographs have been found one after another from the crushed houses which were swept away by the tsunami.
Then, I found out that those photos all the more have remained because they are the paper material.

Moreover, the postcard is sent by person to person.
For example, in cace of the post card as a souvenir at resort beach, a memory of a person who appear on the picture that was taken on the beach is sent to someone.
you can get the information from your friends or family with memory that have been put on the paper from someone by the postcard.
I feel it's a bit funny happening.
and also it may be interesting that make a comparison between the post card and SNS right now.

"A FOUND BEACH -omnibus-" was constructed from these thinking.